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Today I decided to publish a response from the site My WordPress theme has got a review and it contains some issuses. I’m going to fix all the bugs in the near future and I’ll be glad to get some help or advice.

Let me remind you of my first experience as a WordPress theme developer. I’m going to make a great theme, which I will use for my site. WordPress Theme with basic functionality will always be free.

That is list of issues. 


* Stylesheets and Scripts: No hard coding of script and style files.


* Prefixing: Provide a unique prefix for everything the Theme defines in
the public namespace, including options, functions, global variables,
constants, post meta, etc.
* Translation Ready: All theme text strings are to be translatable.


* Update your POT file according to your theme. Or you can remove whole
languages folder if you want to take advantage of WordPress Language Pack.
* Core-bundled scripts: Required to use core-bundled scripts rather than
including their own version of that script. For example jQuery.
* No minified files unless unminified version is also provided.
* Credits and license: Update readme file to keep credits and license info
of all third party resources. Sample format:

A revised readme

* Escaping: All untrusted data should be escaped properly before
displaying. Eg, `esc_url()`
should be used to escape URL, value in HTML attributes should be escaped
with `esc_attr()`.
* Sanitization: Please implement proper sanitization for values when saved
to database.
Eg, `sanitize_text_field()` should be used to sanitize text field,
`esc_url_raw` for URL field, for sanitizing field with HTML tags, use
`wp_kses_post()` for sanitization.
* `comments.php` L31 – Missing singular placeholder, needed for some
languages. See See
Twenty Seventeen for reference.
* `template-tags.php` L28 – Strings should have translatable content.
* Use `theme_location` parameter in `wp_nav_menu()` function call to
display navigation.
* There are some errors in browser console. Please check it.
* REQUIRED: Remove `post-formats` theme tag as theme does not seem to
implement Post Formats.
* Do not prefix page template file name with `page-`. Use `tpl-` or
`template-` or similar.
* Remove unused files and folders like `rtl.css`, `layouts` folder, etc.
Please check thoroughly.
* Please implement add_editor_style() properly. If
you dont want to implement, please remove it.
* Custom theme updater is not allowed. Please remove it.

Theme Check Sniffs

Note: Errors need to be fixed and Warnings are things that need to be
checked manually.

FILE: /var/www/
196 | ERROR | Closures / anonymous functions are not available in PHP 5.2
or earlier

Ticket URL:

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